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           Valders Middle School Track Program…2019  General Information


                           Parents and Athletes---Welcome to the Track Team!  

          We want to share with you the 3 part purpose/goal of the track program:


           1. To have fun.  2. To learn something.  3. To do your best!


       A current WIAA publication reinforced these same ideas, and we have attached them to the back of this page, and on the website.  It is good reading and shines a light on the importance of middle school  athletics. The coaching staff  support it 100%.


        There are four things that we need for you to do;


                 4.  For practice days, sensible clothing for the colder weather, to include sweat  pants, or wind pants, and sweatshirt.  Hats and mittens/rag gloves will keep the kids warm.  Uniform tops are provided but black or any color shorts to wear with the tops are needed.  Again on colder/rainy days something warmer to use is underarmor, or any long sleeve t-shirt to fit under the uniform top.  There is no WIAA ruling for colors to match for middle school track.


The first day of practice is Monday, March 25th.  We have set up a practice schedule of meets and dates that are set to go.   We have kept in mind Spring break, and school functions, as much as possible.  Please let us know of any conflicts.  If you have any questions:

email—, or

More in formation on our website:  which has the track schedule, the current school records, and other info.


Thanks………Coach Julie Brouchoud, Coach Bill Dietrich, phone: 920-682-9128

Assistant coaches helping this season are:  Derrick Krey             

More info on the tab!